Lightmate Drop and Distribution System

Sfu Area


The Hexatronic Lightmate Drop and Distribution System serves the fiber connection from the Fiber Distribution Hub to the Optical Network Terminal at the customer premises.

Blown Fiber and Nano Cables are flexible and cost-effective cabling systems for installation of optical fibers in all types of access networks. Built to last, they deliver unlimited bandwidth capacity as well as capability to grow with user needs – and as new users are added.

Hexatronic established air-blown fiber system and nano cable system are especially developed for Drop and Distribution networks. When new users arrive, more optical fiber is simply blown into the existing ducts. Hexatronic air-blowing technique uses a patented handheld tool that reduces cable installation time to a minimum, compared to conventional techniques.

The flexibility offered by air-blown technology is taken one step further – and into local and metropolitan networks – with Hexatronic blown fiber system. One blown fiber unit or nano cable contains, from 1 up to 12 single fibers.

Why are the air-blown fiber system more flexible than other systems?

The ducts are installed separately and in advance, which means:

  • Installation of optical fiber may be incremental, adapted to growth in end user demand.
  • Unlike traditional cable pulling, the blown-in fiber is not affected by harsh treatment during installation.
  • Minimization of splice points, which reduces installation time.
  • Easy network upgrade with more fiber or other types of fiber.
  • Simplified network design.

The result is a future-proof network solution where additional bandwidth may be added at any time depending on investment budgets and end user demand.