Fiber Distribution Hub - Underground Closure


2 Ncd507500

The main application for this closure is fiber distribution in PON networks with optical splitters, but it can also be used in a P2P system as a cross connection distribution point. The closure is designed for outdoor, underground installation in manholes, above ground installation on poles or installations inside pedestals. The closure can handle air-blown fibers in microducts, micro cables and traditional cables. The closure is equipped with a holder for up to three RDJ 901+ splitter modules. The closure is delivered with heat shrink sealings for traditional cables. For installation of micro cables and microducts, use the optional cold seals. 


Technical Information
Design: Fiber Distribution Hub for under­ground use
Type: Plastic, IP68
Dimensions: 520x280 mm
Capacity: up to 48 end users (SC)

Product Sheet

NCD507500 FAT 96 UG

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  NCD507500 FAT/FDH for underground use
  NSD515201 Swing-up arm for NCD507500/550
  NDM11016/1 10x Round Micro cable cable entrance, for up to 6 micro cables
  NDM11017/1 5x Oval Micro cable entrance kit, for up to 11 micro cables
  NDM11018/1 10x Round Microduct entrance kit, for up to 18x5 mm microducts

For splitter modules, see section Fiber Optic Interconnect Products / Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices

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