End Caps for Microducts

MPB 306 09+ and SRS 106 17

Hci Mpb30609 End Cap (1)


The end caps are used for temporarily seal open duct ends to avoid water and dirt from entering the microducts. 


Technical Information
Design: End caps for microducts
Type: Above ground use
Dimensions: OD Ø3 to 20 mm

E-nr Product No. Product Name 
5040582 SRS10617/62 End Cap 3 mm
5042483 MPB30609/5 End Cap 5 mm
5042484 MPB30609/7 End Cap 7 mm
5042485 MPB30609/10 End Cap 10 mm
5042486 MPB30609/12 End Cap 12 mm
5042487 MPB30609/14 End Cap 14 mm
5042488 MPB30609/16 End Cap 16 mm
5042489 MPB30609/18 End Cap 18 mm
  MPB30609/20 End Cap 18 mm

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