Heat Shrink Duct Joint Kit

NDE 451 15+

Hci Duct Jc Straight Nde45115 2


A series of heat shrink duct closures for maximum protection of duct joints for direct buried app­lications. Heat shrink technology is used for maximum protection. The closure is available in several sizes and also includes microduct snap-in connectors.


Technical Information
Type: Heat shrink, straight joint
Design: Duct joint kit, heat shrink
Type: Underground jointing, IP68
Capacity: 1-7 x 10/8 mm or 1-12 x 5/3.5 mm


Product Sheet

Closures – Main Bodies

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5040293 NDE45115/1 Straight Joint for 1x5/3.5 mm Assembly
5040294 NDE45115/2 Straight Joint for 2-7x5/3.5 mm Assembly
5040295 NDE45115/3 Straight Joint for 12-24x5/3.5 mm Assembly
  NDE45115/4 Straight Joint for 1x10/8 Assembly
5040373 NDE45115/5 Straight Joint for 4x10/8 Assembly
  NDE45115/6 Straight Joint for 7x10/8 Assembly

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