Duct Branch Closure, Gel

NDE 451 22+

Duct Jc Aerial Nde45122


Easy-to-use fast to install closure for branching microduct assemblies to individual microducts. The closure can be used underground or for aerial installations. The closure uses ­“gel-seal” technology for quick and safe installation. 


Technical Information
Design: Duct branch closure, gel
Type: Aerial or underground branching, IP67
Capacity: Up to 4x1-way branch off (aerial), up to 2x1-way branch off (underground) 
Length: 250, 300 or 350 mm ducts

Divisible Seals, for 5-7 mm Microducts

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  NDE45122/1 12x Duct Branch, Gel, 250 mm
5040643 NDE45122/3 12x Duct Branch, Gel, 350 mm

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