Divisible Seals/End Caps for Air Blown Fiber

NDK12103 and NDK12104

Microduct Endcaps Ntm504032


Extremely slim divisible seals that can also be used as end caps for microducts to prevent dirt and moisture entering the tubes. The end cap also locks the installed fiber to prevent it from moving in the tube. The seal is made of rubber and has a slit that allows the fiber unit to pass through. To avoid the fiber moving in the seal, an addidional crimp sleeve can be used to increase the pressure. The crimp sleeve is recommended for aerial applications.


Technical Information
Divisible seal/End Cap for microducts
Type: End sealing above ground
Dimensions: ID Ø3,5 mm (fits 7/3.5 and 5/3.5 mm ducts)

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5040876 NDK12103 100x Microduct End Cap, Strain Relief
5042598 NDK12104 Crimp Sleeve

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