Installation Tool for Nano Cable



The Nano Cabler Installation Tool is used for the installation of Nano Cables into micro­ducts. This tool is calibration-free and designed for optimal performance in combination with all available nano cables from Hexatronic.

The tool is powered by a separate electrical drill or screwdriver (not included). Most types with an output torque exceeding 0.3 Nm at 250-500 RPM can be used. In addition, compressed air is used for long distance installations.

An adjustable magnetic coupling limits feeding force on the cable, to avoid damage in the event of a sudden stop.


Technical Information
Type: Air blown fiber (ABF) installation
Supported products: Hexatronic ABF
2 - 12 fiber (Ø2.0-2.1 mm),
5/3.5 mm to 16/12 mm microducts
Capacity: ≤150 m/min


E-nr Product No. Product Name
1661968 LTT1792020 Installation Tool for Nano Cable
1662021 LTT1792020/10

Tripod for Nano Cable Installation Tool

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