Duct Holder for ABF Installation Tool


Hsxa136131 2

The duct holder is an optional accessory to the for Hexatronic ABF Installation Tool LTT1792040 and LTT1792011. It enables a secure grip of the duct so that the duct won’t get loose even when high air pressure is used for long distance blowing.
The duct holder also facilitates the installation since the duct can be attached to the blowing tool even when the main body of the tool is in open position. This is especially handy when blowing fibers that are pre-terminated with a connector ferrule.

 Hsxa136131 3


Technical Information
Type: Air blown fiber (ABF) installation 
Supported products: for ABF Installation Tool LTT1792040 and LTT 1792011
Capacity:7mm microducts

E-nr Product No. Product Name
1663851 HSXA136131/3 Duct Holder for 7mm Ducts

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