Equipment Rack Systems

The Central Office range features fiber management systems to efficiently and cost-effectively organize and terminate large quantities of fiber. The application in the central office environment is characterized by a minimum footprint in combination with class-leading capacity that allows well-organized and safe fiber termination to minimize operating errors.


19” Rack System

MT-5211S, MT-5446+, MT-5211

The 19” standard Rack System offers high-capacity, easy installed fiber management to organize and terminate large quantities of fibers such as in FTTH networks.


Technical Information
Design: 19” Rack, floor standing
Type: Metal frame, floor standing
Dimensions: 2100x600x400 mm
Capacity: 42 U

Mounting Frame System


The mounting rack system is a multi-purpose, wall mounted frame system for smaller sites. The frame is designed for 19” equipment. The depth of the frame can be adjusted with brackets.


Technical Information
Design: 19” frame, 
Type: Metal frame, wall mounted
Capacity: 48 U
Size: 500x2200x240 mm
Capacity, equipment: 48 U

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