Flexible Solutions for Every Submarine Project

Originating from the former Ericsson cables operations, Hexatronic has extensive experience within submarine cable manufacturing and installation. With a renowned Swedish quality and competence, we know how to deliver submarine cable systems designed to withstand the toughest conditions. 

Hexatronic is very solution driven and committed to each project we undertake. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the right solution, on time and on budget. We fully understand and appreciate that every project, no matter how small or large is important for your business. The high quality range of flexible solutions are based on scalable and future-proof technology, which ensures a long term, robust and reliable operation, with highly efficient, streamlined data transfer over short and long distances.

Mittenbild 560Bred Submarine Network 

Hexatronic Submarine Cables at a glance:

  • Designed for depths down to 5000 m
  • With or without electroding capabilities
  • Loose tube or slotted core ribbon options
  • Superior mechanical and water blocking properties



Hexatronic’s Submarine Cable Systems are highly flexible and can be used for shorter distances as well as longer. Whether it be an inland water project, crossing a river or harbor, between small islands or larger undersea applications, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your project can be completed quickly and cost effectively.

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Delivery in coil


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Delivery in 40’’ Open-Top Container


Extensive knowledge and support
Drawing on our heritage of technical innovation anda recognized reputation stemming from Ericsson, Hexatronic has a unique knowledge and solid industry experience. Our submarine projects include design, manufacturing and fast delivery to any place worldwide.

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Delivery in Liftable Cable Basket


Time and cost efficient solutions
Hexatronic offers complete submarine cable solutions and the entire passive fiber infrastructure based on scalable and future proof technology.

  • Highly adaptability for each and every project
  • Fast response, turn around and delivery times
  • No project is too big or small, we supply from a few kilometers up to thousands
  • Swedish quality and technical proficiency

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Delivery on Steel or Wooden Drum