Broadband Solutions for Rural Communities

Fiber optic solutions from Hexatronic focus on the advantages that installing broadband in rural communities has to offer. There are several opportunities for reducing costs and ensuring easy installation and expansion.

Hexatronic Micronet and Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber systems minimize the cost of materials and installation times, compared to traditional cable  solutions, when installing fiber to the home. High performance and reliability, even in rural areas provides a quality assurance for the network and ensures its market value and future use.

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Easy Installation
Hexatronic’s solutions don’t require any in depth knowledge to perform an installation of a rural broadband network. By performing the work in-house and with voluntary help from the local inhabitants, the installation costs can be substantially lowered.

Reliable Operation
Hexatronic’s solutions are thoroughly tested and robust enough to withstand normal handling. It is important that the installed network is constructed in such a way to allow for trouble-free operation for as long as possible.

Quality Assurance
The Ribbonet® and Micronet systems make it easy to expand the network without additional costly installations. Hexatronic’s quality assurance ensures that the finished fiber network maintains a high market value. A well performing network which requires a minimum amount of maintenance is considerably more interesting for future interested parties, in the event of a sale or transfer of the network.


Possible Network Solution for a Rural Network

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Micronet Fiber Optic Micro Cable System
Micronet is a flexible and cost-effective cabling system, providing future-proof networks by meeting the demand for nearly unlimited bandwidth. The Micronet system is built to last and is used for installing optical fibers in all types of metropolitan, rural access networks and in the backbone network. Micronet provides an easy, cost-efficient rollout and maintenance, which creates the opportunity for increasing broadband penetration, with the capability to grow with user needs and reach out to new users.

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Ribbonet® Air Blown Fiber System
Ribbonet® is one of the most successful solutions for fiber optic access network applications. It has been especially developed to provide fast and efficient fiber distribution in the drop network. The Ribbonet® system is flexible and adaptable, to save time and money. Any expansions to the network  can be carried out quickly and effortlessly, with a reduced number of splice points and installation of fiber incrementally, when needed.

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