Accessories for Hybrid Fiber/Power Cable Assemblies

HSXA 136 104 and HSXA 136 100

Hci Rdc Clamp Kit

Ground Installation

Aerial Installation


A robust and compact hybrid fiber cable assembly for interconnecting power and optical links between main and remote units for outdoor and indoor radio base stations. It is pre-terminated with outdoor rated RDC connectors, to be extended by fiber jumper cables to a desired length.


Technical Information
Design: Hybrid fiber/power cable assembly
Type: Pole and tower mounting for RRU
Capacity: 12 fibers/copper wires 
Fiber type: MM OM4, bend-resistant
Dimensions: Ø23.7-31.5 mm
Lengths: On request, typically 20-90 m

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  HSXA136104/11 Clamps kit for 6xRDC connectors
  HSXA136100/11 Canister clamp kit

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