Stingray High Performance Air Blown Fiber

Meet the New Star of the Hexatronic Air Blown Fiber System
Stingray is a high performance air blown fiber developed to keep its unique characteristics and deliver perfect results – even in really tough conditions. With Stingray you are always ready to meet your next installation challenge.




High-tech Materials and Innovative Design
Stingray is available in configurations from 2 to 12 fibers. A new high-tech mantel material makes it easier to peel the air blown fiber and improves the blowing performance. The 2-fiber version of the air blown fiber has also been strengthened by a filler wire that makes the fiber even more robust and significantly increases the blowing performance.


By introducing a high quality and bend-resistant fiber such as G657A1 Ultra, you get 100% compatibility when splicing the cables with traditional G652D fiber. As an alternative, highly bend resistant G657A2 fiber is available for demanding applications. This means there is no increased attentuation when splicing the fiber.

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Unique Features for Smooth Operation
Stingray is a result of Hexatronic’s technical knowledge and tough product testing methods – developed to optimize the installation experience and product durabilty. 


Sheath Shrinkage

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No sheath shrinkage, which means no fraglie splice points or sensitive installations in wall sockets and fiber cabinets. 


Increased Blowing Performance

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Excellent air blown performance for fast and easy installation or further distances in a shorter time. 


Extended Temperature Range 

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Developed to withstand tough conditions. Robust design with an extreme temperature range from -50° to +85°C. The air blown fiber is also designed to withstand ice in microducts. 


100% Recyclable Packaging
Stingray comes in packaging made of 100% recyclable, water resistant corrugated cardboard. The design enables the circular hole in the lid to guide the fiber and prevents tangling. When the box is empty, just flatten it and recycle it as paper packaging. The packaging is tested for field use and can withstand rain showers and other outdoor conditions. Easy, convenient and environmentally friendly!


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Smart Tool for Super Easy Stripping
The Hexatronic Stripping Tool makes it easy to peel the air blown fiber without damaging the actual fibers. 

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