Protected Microduct Assemblies, Direct Buried, 10/8 mm

MPB 302 70+

Hci Micronetducts Db Dielectric Mpb30270

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Ducts composed of 10/8 mm microducts with a double, heavy-duty sheath that enables direct buried installation. The microducts have a solid, low-friction inner surface coating for best installation performance. 


Technical Information
Design: Tight protected ducts
Type: Direct buried installation
Capacity: 1, 4, 7-way
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø10/8 mm
Lengths: 500, 1000, 2000 m


E-nr Product No. Product Name
5040330 MPB30270/1 Microduct Assembly 1x10/8 mm STD, Orange
5040334 MPB30270/4 Microduct Assembly 4x10/8 mm STD, Orange
5040337 MPB30270/7 Microduct Assembly 7x10/8 mm STD, Orange

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