Thick Walled Microducts 16/12 mm


Hci Microducts 1612 Mm

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Thick walled microducts to be used in combination with thick walled microduct assemblies. The ducts have an outer/inner diameter of 16/12 mm and are suitable for installation of micro cables.  The ducts are made of HDPE and have a low friction inner surface for best blowing performance. Assemblies have a thin outer sheath of HDPE that is easily removed when splicing or branching.


Technical Information
Design: Thick walled ducts
Type: Direct buried or installation in existing pipes
Capacity: single ducts, 2 and 4-way
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø16/12 mm
Lengths: 1000 m

E-nr Product No. Product Name
 5042857 MPB30218/OG1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Orange Stripes, 1000m
 5042858 MPB30218/YE1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Yellow Stripes, 1000m
 5042859 MPB30218/RD1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Red Stripes, 1000m
 5042872 MPB30218/WH1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, White Stripes, 1000m
 5042856 MPB30218/GN1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Green Stripes, 1000m
5043465 MPB30218/VT1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Violet Stripes, 1000m
5043466 MPB30218/BU1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Blue Stripes, 1000m
5043467 MPB30218/GY1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Gray Stripes, 1000m
5043468 MPB30218/TQ1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Turquoise Stripes, 1000m
5043469 MPB30218/BK1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Black Stripes, 1000m
5043470 MPB30218/BN1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Brown Stripes, 1000m
5043471 MPB30218/PK1-1 Microduct 16/12 mm, Pink Stripes, 1000m

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