Microducts, Indoor, Standard Grade, 5/3.5 mm

MPB 302 09+, MPB 302 51

Hci 30209

Drop & Premises

Indoor Installation

Microducts with a sheath made of halogen-free, flame retardant material with Standard Grade classification for installations with normal fire requirements. There is also a single microduct available with an extra protection sheath for mounting directly onto walls with cable clamps. All flame retardant microduct assemblies are halogen-free (HFFR).


Technical Information
Design: Tight protected ducts, HFFR Standard Grade
Type: Indoor installation, IEC 60332-1
Capacity: 1-24-way
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø5/3.5 mm
Lengths: 500, 1000, 2000 m

Sheated microduct assemblies, Indoor, 1-24-way, Standard Grade, 5/3.5 mm

E-nr Product No. Product Name 
5040296 MPB30251/1 Microduct Sheated 1x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade
5041025 MPB30209/2 Microduct Assembly 2x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 
5040484 MPB30209/4 Microduct Assembly 4x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 
5040485 MPB30209/7 Microduct Assembly 7x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 
5040486 MPB30209/12 Microduct Assembly 12x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 
5040487 MPB30209/19 Microduct Assembly 19x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 
5040488 MPB30209/24 Microduct Assembly 24x5/3.5 mm HFFR, Standard Grade 

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