Microducts, Indoor and Outdoor, 5/3.5 mm

MPB 302 52+


Drop & Premises

Indoor Installation

The indoor/outdoor tight protected microduct consist of a halogen free, flame retardant inner duct with a removable, UV resistant outer sheat. This design makes it possible to install the duct outdoors on facades. Sections of the duct can aslo be installed indoors by simply removing the outer sheath, exposing the flame retardant inner duct.

The microduct can be mounted onto facades with cable clamps (7mm). The microducts are optimized for best performance in combination with the Hexatronic Stingray air blown fiber.


Technical Information
Design: Tight protected ducts, HFFR 
Type: Outdoor installation, Indoor installation, IEC 60332-3-24
Capacity: 1-way
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø5/3.5 mm
Lengths: 500 m


E-nr Product No. Product Name 
  5/MPB30252/1 1-way, extra protected, White
  5/MPB30252/1-2 1-way, extra protected, White, 500 m drum
  9/MPB30252/2 1-way, extra protected, Grey 
5044555 9/MPB30252/1-2 1-way, extra protected, Grey, 500 m drum
  10/MPB30252/1 1-way, extra protected, Brown 
  10/MPB30252/1-2 1-way, extra protected, Brown, 500 m drum

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