Protected Microducts, Aerial

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Aerial Installation

Microducts for aerial installation on poles that are self-supporting, non-metallic and lightweight to ensure quick and easy installation. The assemblies include a stabilized sheath to resist the aging effects of UV radiation. The ducts are part of the Hexatronic’s Aerial Air Blown Fiber System and include both 5, 10 and 12 mm ducts.


Technical Information
Design: Tight protected ducts
Type: Aerial installation
Capacity: 1-14-way
Dimensions: OD/ID Ø5/3.5, 10/8, 12/10 mm
Lengths: 500, 1000, 2000 m


E-nr Product No. Product Name 
  Aerial microduct assemblies 
5041027 MPB30222/1M 1x5/3.5 mm ADSS
  1/MPB30222/1M 1x5/3.5 mm Hi Strength ADSS
  MPB30224/1M 1x5/3.5 mm Fig-8
5041031 MPB30224/4M 4x5/3.5 mm Fig-8
5042697 MPB30224/7M 7x5/3.5 mm Fig-8
5041030 MPB30224/12M 12x5/3.5 mm Fig-8
5041032 MPB30225/8M 8x5/3.5 mm + 2x10/8 mm Fig-8
  1/MPB30225/8M 8x5/3.5 mm + 2x10/8 mm Hi Strenght Fig-8
5041033 MPB30225/9M 9x5/3.5 mm + 1x10/8 mm Fig-8
5042693 MPB30228/1M 1x12/10 mm Fig-8
5042694 MPB30228/5M 5x5/3.5 mm + 4x12/10 mm Fig-8
5042695 MPB30228/8M 8x5/3.5 mm + 2x12/10 mm Fig-8
5042696 MPB30228/12M 12x5/3.5 mm + 1x12/10 mm Fig-8
  MPB30228/10M 10x5/3.5 mm + 1x12/10 mm Fig-8
 5044540 MPB30228/4M 4x12/10 mm Fig-8
  Other microduct assemblies used for aerial installations
 5041041 MPB30245/1 1x5/3.5 mm, ascending pipe (not self-supporting)
5041156 MPB30227/1M 1x10/8 mm, bypass (not self-supporting)
5042177 MPB30229/1M 1x12/10 mm, ascending pipe (not self-supporting)

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