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Rubber Sealing Kit for Microducts and Cables



The Hexatronic Microduct Rubber Paste Sealing Kit is used to longitudinally seal cavities in-between microducts in microduct assemblies as well as in-between cables. The kit is normally used to seal microduct assemblies entering buildings and manholes where water ingress is not allowed.

The “Rubber paste” used in this sealing kit, is a bi-component silicone product that cures at room temperature. The general nature of the mastic makes it excellent for sealing any type of microduct assemblies from 2 to 26 microducts or more. Correctly applied, it offers quick and easy installation and a secure watertight seal.

The sealing mastic is epoxy-free, harmless and when used according to instructions, environmentally friendly.


Technical Information
Design: Sealing kit for microducts and cables
Type: Rubber sealing, 2-component, flame retardant
Package Size: 30+30 g

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