Duct Joint Closure

NDE 451 25+

Duct Jc Straight NDE45125 11 15

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Drop & Premises

Ground Installation


A series of cylindrical straight duct closures for quick and easy installation without the need for heat. This design is extremely robust and can be installed directly into the ground. The closure is available in several sizes. 


Technical Information
Design: Duct straight joint closure, cold seal
Type: Underground branching, IP68
Dimensions: Ducts Ø7-46 mm


Divisible Seals, for 5-7 mm Microducts

E-nr Product No. Product Name 
5084249 NDE45125/11 Duct Joint, Straight, 7-12.5 mm
5040914 NDE45125/13 Duct Joint, Straight, 14.9-18 mm
5084256 NDE45125/14 Duct Joint, Straight, 19-24 mm
5084257 NDE45125/15 Duct Joint, Straight, 26.5-29 mm
5084263 NDE45125/16 Duct Joint, Straight, 31-33 mm
5084266 NDE45125/17 Duct Joint, Straight, 36.7-40 mm
5084269 NDE45125/18 Duct Joint, Straight, 44-46 mm

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