Duct Branch Closure - Compact


Duct Jc Bransch Closed 3Nde451200

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation


This closure is intended for fast and easy branching of direct buried microduct assemblies for air-blown fiber. The typical application is to branch out 1 to 4 drop ducts to connect single family units from a main duct assembly. The closure is intended for mounting directly into the ground or in manholes, but can also be installed above ground.


Technical Information
Design: Duct branch closure
Type: Underground branching, IP68
Capacity: 1-24 way 5/3.5 mm ducts, up to 8x1-way branch off

Closures – Main Bodies

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5040497 3/NDE451200 Duct branch off closure 4 drops
  3/NDE451200/1 Duct branch off closure 8 drops

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