Duct Joint and Duct Branches


Duct Branch Closure, Gel

NDE 451 22+


Easy-to-use fast to install closure for branching microduct assemblies to individual microducts. The closure can be used underground or for aerial installations. The closure uses ­“gel-seal” technology for quick and safe installation. 


Technical Information
Design: Duct branch closure, gel
Type: Aerial or underground branching, IP67
Capacity: Up to 4x1-way branch off (aerial), up to 2x1-way branch off (underground) 
Length: 250, 300 or 350 mm ducts

Duct Joint Closure

NDE 451 25+


A series of cylindrical straight duct closures for quick and easy installation without the need for heat. This design is extremely robust and can be installed directly into the ground. The closure is available in several sizes. 


Technical Information
Design: Duct straight joint closure, cold seal
Type: Underground branching, IP68
Dimensions: Ducts Ø7-46 mm


Duct Joint and Branch Kit

NDE 451 40


Flexible kit including materials for jointing, branching and mid-span of microduct assemblies. A vulcanizing cloth is used for sealing, and strong and flexible PVC tape provides mechanical protection. 


Technical Information
Design: Duct j branch kit, mastic
Type: Underground branching, IP68
Capacity: Approx. 10-15 joints/kit


Duct Joint and Branch Closures

NDE45126+ and SCG200001 — SCG200010


Closure suitable for branching as well as jointing ducts. The closure provides mechanical protection of the duct joints. The closures are sealed by snapping in the two body halves together. For each body closure, the suitable sealings (2 or 3 per closure) should be ordered.


Technical Information
Design: Duct joint and branch closure
Type: Underground jointing, for tight protected ducts
Capacity: Ø9.9-45.5 mm assemblies (7 x 10/8 or 12/10 mm)


Heat Shrink Duct Joint Kit 

NDE 451 15+


A series of heat shrink duct closures for maximum protection of duct joints for direct buried app­lications. Heat shrink technology is used for maximum protection. The closure is available in several sizes and also includes microduct snap-in connectors.


Technical Information
Type: Heat shrink, straight joint
Design: Duct joint kit, heat shrink
Type: Underground jointing, IP68
Capacity: 1-7 x 10/8 mm or 1-12 x 5/3.5 mm


Duct Branch Closure - Compact



This closure is intended for fast and easy branching of direct buried microduct assemblies for air-blown fiber. The typical application is to branch out 1 to 4 drop ducts to connect single family units from a main duct assembly. The closure is intended for mounting directly into the ground or in manholes, but can also be installed above ground.


Technical Information
Design: Duct branch closure
Type: Underground branching, IP68
Capacity: 1-24 way 5/3.5 mm ducts, up to 8x1-way branch off

Duct Branch Closure - High Capacity

NDE 451 100+


Branch joint closure suitable for microduct assemblies in ­direct buried applications. It can be used for a large number of duct branches. The box has alternative entrances, allowing a large number of possible joint combinations, as well as mid-span access.


Technical Information

Design: Duct branch closure

Type: Underground branching, IP68

Capacity: 1-24 way ducts, up to 12x1-way branch off

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