Miniature Compressor for Air Blown Fiber and Nano Cables

HLTT 179 004

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The miniature compressor is used for short to medium length installations of Air Blown Fibers and nano cables into microducts. This unique, silent and compact compressor is  designed for optimal performance in combination with the Hexatronic Air Blown Fiber tool LTT 179 2011 and Nano Cable tool LTT 179 2020.


The compressor consists of a twin-cylinder rocking piston oil-free pump built into a robust metal casing.
The compressor design, without a tank, offers a constant and high capacity air-flow without interruptions for pressure-build up. The oil-free design eliminates problems with leaking oil that can permanently damage microducts.

The super silent operation with a noise pressure level of less than 70 dB makes the daily work enjoyable since ear protectors are normally not required2.
The compressor is fitted with a ¼” standard (CEJN) quick connector for quick and esay connection to the Hexatronic ABF and Nano Cable tools. A hose with connectors is included. The power cord is fitted with a EU Schuko plug (CEE 7/4).


Technical Information

  • Super silent operation <70 dB
  • High, constant air flow, up to 100 l/min
  • 8.5 bar
  • Up to 500 m blowing distance
  • Oil-free
  • Clean air, dust free
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with Hexatronic Stingray Air Blown Fiber and
    Hexatronic Raptor Nano Cable installation tools


Product Sheet

HLTT79004 Compressor

E-nr Product No. Product Name
1639771 HLTT179004 Miniature Compressor for Air Blown Fiber

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