Micro Cable End Caps


Hci Hsxa136108

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Indoor Installation

Brass end caps should be mounted on the cable end before blowing the micro cable into the micro­duct. The end cap forms a rounded tip that facilitates blowing through duct joints. They also prevent air from penetrating through the open cable end into the cable. These end caps are extra slim to enble blowing into slim microducts. An inner thread makes them easy to mount on the cable tip. The end caps can be re-used.


Technical Information
Design: Brass end caps
Type: For micro cables
Capacity: 2-8 mm

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5043759 HSXA136108/5 Micro Cable End Cap 2mm
5042793 HSXA136108/4 Micro Cable End Cap 4mm
5041988 HSXA136108/1 Micro Cable End Cap 6mm
5041989 HSXA136108/2 Micro Cable End Cap 7mm
5041990 HSXA136108/3 Micro Cable End Cap 8mm

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