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Cleaningsponge Ntm50207

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Cleaning sponges are used when cleaning dust or moisture from a microduct. The sponge is simply blown through the microduct by the air pressure from the installation tool. The sponges are also used to smear out cable blowing lubricant in microducts. Cleaning sponges are sold in bags with 100 pcs.


Technical Information
Design: Cleaning sponges
Type: For micro ducts
Capacity: For microducts ID Ø3.5-10 mm

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5040291 NTM50207 100xCleaning Sponges 2.5-5 mm
5040897 NTM50207/2 100xCleaning Sponges 5-8 mm
5040896 NTM50207/1 100xCleaning Sponges 8-12 mm
  NTM50207/3 100xCleaning Sponges 14-16 mm

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