Lubricant for Cable Installation into Microducts - All Season



  1. Clean and dry the tubing by blowing a tight fitting foam sponge through the microduct with high pressure. If excess water or dirt comes from the microduct, repeat the process. Trapped water can block the air flow.
  2. Shake bottle before use.
  3. Squeeze recommended amount of lubricant into microduct. Quantity can be measured with a syringe or estimated based on duct fill length (table below).
  4. Spread lubricant by blowing a foam carrier or sponge through the microduct as many times as necessary to avoid puddling at the front of the duct.
  5. Allow the duct lubricant to dry out completely by blowing in air for at least 5 minutes.


Tube Size OD/ID Lubricant per km Duct  
  Volume required Microduct fill length
16/12 mm 15 ml 13 cm
16/10, 14/10, 12/10 mm 12 ml 15 cm
10/8 mm 10 ml 20 cm
10/6, 8/6 mm 7 ml 26 cm
7/5 mm 6 ml 30 cm
7/3.5, 5/3.5 mm 5 ml 44 cm



Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Click here