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Connecting people and places, transferring huge amounts of information at extremely high speed makes the world go round. Hexatronic provides the lifeline that connects continents, countries and islands, on the land and under the sea.

Our focus is on providing cost effective, time saving installations, with the ability to customize according to the specific requirements. Hexatronic offers complete turn-key solutions for submarine cables and the entire passive fiber infrastructure based on scalable and future-proof technology.

To ensure fiber optic cables have a long life span, Hexatronic’s submarine cables are built to offer the best protection from water ingress and potential damage. 

Reliable Performance

Hexatronic’s loose tube cables provide superior mechanical protection, easy handling and reliable performance. All cables have steel wire armoring in one or several layers and/or stainless steel tube to provide the highest protection and water blocking properties. The cables are resistant to tensile forces and impact caused by anchoring, recovery operations and handling. All loose tube cables and joints are built with the highest quality protection to ensure a long life span for maximum efficiency over long distances.


Excellent Protection 
Hexatronic’s ribbon cables offer high packing density and efficient fiber management as well as high protection for fiber in the harsh conditions under the sea. Exceptional mechanical and water blocking properties are provided by a slotted cable core design, protected by a copper tube and with steel wire armoring. This combination has a good resistance to crushing and heavy impacts, such as anchoring, recovery operations or manhandling. Protection from the water is achieved by the copper tube acting as a water barrier.


Cost Effective Customization
Hexatronic’s submarine cable solutions provide cost effective, time saving installations, with the ability to customize according to the specific requirements.



 Proximion Dcm

A Complete System
Hexatronic Group offer complete submarine systems including in -house developed, state of the art dispersion compensation modules (DCMs) based on Fiber Bragg Gratings. The DCM technology offer superior performance and ultra-low loss. For more information on the DCM modules, visit




With a distinguished history of over 25 years, originating from Ericsson, Hexatronic has a unique knowledge and solid experience. Worldwide submarine cable projects include design, manufacturing, project management and installation.

Hexatronic Submarine Cable Solutions offer:

  • Over 25 years of experience with references from all over the world.
  • Swedish quality and technical proficiency. 
  • Total turn-key solutions for the entire passive fiber infrastructure.
  • High quality optical fibers from world-leading producers.