Stingray Swift Pre-terminated Air Blown Fiber

The Stringray Swift air blown connector system is revolultionizing the way customer connections are made. Simplified single man installations that emliminate any need to splice are dramatically increasing the speed of FTTP rollouts.


The global fiber to the home (FTTH) market grows rapidly, and the copper infrastructure needs to be replaced by faster networks. This creates a need for deeper fiber penetration with an aim to achieve fiber to the premises (FTTP). The sudden increase in fiber demand and the lack of experienced personnel required to terminate fiber cabling leaves many operators having to upskill all network engineers, which is time consuming and expensive.


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It’s Called Swift for a Reason

The blown ferrule solution is fast and when used with the fiber blowing machine from Hexatronic, it can be deployed at speeds up to 150 m per minute.. Each component of the system is designed by and manufactured by Hexatronic and the system has been designed to work extremely well together.

The pre-terminated ABF product is now the standard deployment method used by key operators in Europe. In less than 10 minutes it‘s possible to blow in a 200 m customer drop and have that customer connected into the distribution cabinet, meaning that there is no faster customer drop method.


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The Stingray Swift System

The Stingray Swift ABF spool is supplied with a low loss 1.25 mm ferrule which can be blown into micro ducts. The ferrule body is only 2 mm in diameter, this ‘Nano ferrule’ technologyallows the ferrule to pass through the smallest of duct spaces. Ducts with an inner diameter of 3.5 mm can be passed with ease. As the Stingray Swift is deployed as the ferrule and compact body only (no spring), there is no risk of ferrule snag or spring displacement during installation.

The fiber bundle is only 1.1 mm in diameter, making it possible for any excess fiber to be easily coiled into the customer demarcation box at the property or even within fiber management trays in the cabinet/POP/splice enclosure.


Universal Deployment

As the Stingray Swift can pass all standard Microduct constructions, a single fiber can pass through various deployment scenarios with a single fiber cable. No splice transitions are needed.


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Stingray Swift Terminations:

  • Not dependent on terrain, ducts can be suited to the deployment scenario
  • SC and LC APC connector options available
  • No fiber splicing required for the customer drop
  • Extremely small storage area for excess fiber
  • Reduced skill set and training required for the install
  • Massively reduced capex for installation equipment


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Cost Savings

Hexatronic Stingray Swift, is a connectorised drop fiber that offers significant product and installation cost savings. The cost of equipping and training engineers with the tooling to deploy the pre-terminated Stingray Swift, costs less than a third of what it would to train and equip splice engineers. The speed at which the product can be deployed is 4 times faster than traditional splicing methods, saving time and therefore money.

The Microduct solution from Hexatronic provides a futureproof, dedicated conduit to each home. When combined with the Stingray Swift it is the perfect choice for those deploying FTTx networks fast and efficiently. From Point-2-Point active FTTP rollouts to Point-2- Multipoint PoN networks, the pre-terminated blown fiber solution is the fastest way to transition from homes passed to homes connected.