Olof Anteskog, Product and Process Developer

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I See Great Opportunities to Further Broaden My Knowledge

Olof Anteskog was born in Örebro but grew up in Hudiksvall, where he now lives with his wife and children.  Olof applied for a job at Ericssons cable factory in Hudiksvall, a few years after graduating from high school. He got a job within production and began manufacturing fiber and ribbon fiber. For the first few months he worked with a mentor so that he could learn all of the machines and operations. During his first few years within production Olof worked shifts. After about 10 years he moved to the submarine cables department, where he worked for one year. 

In 2007 he applied for an internal position as a product and process developer within technical development. He still works in that department today. Technical development consists of around 10 people, mostly engineers of different levels who specialize in different areas. Nowadays Olof works regular daytime office hours. Olof’s duties as a process technician include working with product and process development, and supporting daily production.

“The demand for new products and adjustments of existing products comes from both the market and from production,” explains Olof. “We constantly strive to improve and streamline the manufacturing process and determine which machines, methods and materials we use, to be able to make the best possible products.”

No two days are the same and it's something Olof appreciates. Working at the computer combined with customer and supplier meetings as well as practical work in the production area. Every Monday they have a meeting where the week’s work ahead is planned and prioritized.

Olof enjoys his work. There is a lot to do, but the atmosphere is good and his colleagues are great. “We are still in the process of finding structure and routine in our department since the new owners Hexatronic took over from Ericsson,” says Olof. “Some parts of my previous job role remain the same and new tasks have also been introduced. There are less employees now than there were during Ericsson's time, but we collaborate more between the departments now and the decision making process has become much shorter, which I think is very positive.”

When it comes to the future, Olof says he still has a lot to learn within technical engineering and he sees a huge potential to broaden his knowledge further within the department where he works.  

Olof Anteskog, Product and Process Developer
Age: 42
Lives: Hudiksvall