Jan Aronsson, Sales

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Selling is Mostly About Building and Nurturing Customer Relationships 

When Jan Aronsson was 16 years old he began working at Televerket (the then government owned telecommunications company) in Falköping. He worked with building the cable network and then later on with fiber optic cable. A position that he held for over 25 years. In the early 1990’s Jan had an offer from Ericsson to plan the cable network in Lebanon. He jumped at the chance to take the assignment which gave him a taste of how it felt to work abroad. Two years in Lebanon was followed by several assignments of working abroad in countries such as the Philippines, Russia and Saudi Arabia, always working with cable and fiber optic networks.

When Ericsson Cables in Hudiksvall made a major investment in sales in the Middle East, ten years later, Jan was asked if he wanted to be responsible for it. Initially he worked abroad one week every month and in-between he worked from his home office in Falköping. After a few years working on the move became more frequent as customers needed Jan to be more available and on site. From 2005 Jan’s responsibility increased from the Middle East to include all countries in Africa.

“I was nicknamed the travelling cowboy,” laughs Jan. “I was constantly on the move and broke new ground in countries that knew nothing about fiber networks. Selling is mostly about building relationships and gaining the customers trust. When you have succeeded with that its about delivering what you have agreed and shaken hands on.”

During the last years at Ericsson the workload was high and a lot of his time was spent travelling, attending meetings and doing administration. After a few years Jan received some support when Ericsson hired more salespeople in the Middle East and Africa.

Since Hexatronic took over the business in Hudiksvall, Jan’s role hasn’t changed much. He is still needed out on the field, spending time with customers, building and nuturing relationships, performing presentations, discussing business structure and making sales.

“The freedom is what I appreciate the most about my job. To be able to have total responsibility and work towards set goals, is perfect for me,” says Jan. “Working as a salesperson requires understanding the customer, a lot of patience, being responsive and having the ability to make a sale. If you appreciate working independently and managing your own time, then I think sales is the perfect job.”

Jan turned 60 earlier this year. When he thinks about the future, he is sure that he will work for a few more years. As long as he has the will and the drive to do so. After that he is looking forward to spending more time with his family and friends at home. Jan’s major interests include flying his Cessna 172 aeroplane and spending time in the forest, both of which he hopes to have more time for in the future.


Jan Aronsson, Sales
Age: 60
Lives: Falköping