Fibre Optic Interconnect Products



Patch Cords, Pigtails and Cable Assemblies

The range of fibre optic patch cords, pigtails and cable assemblies cover all interconnect needs in any kind of environment. We provide virtually any type of fibre optic connector.


Supported fibre types are singlemode G.657A2 (compatible with G.652), and multimode 50μm OM3and OM4. The product range is divided into four main categories


Patch cords
Patch cords are used for quick and easy interconnect between line equipment or for cross connection between network interface equipment such as ODFs. Patch cords are available as simplex (1 fiber), duplex (2 fiber).


Stub fibres with a fitted connector on one end, are normally spliced towards a cable or other type of fibre unit inside an ODF, wall outlet or other type of network equipment. The standard pigtail is made of a 0.9mm tight secondary protected fibre. Pigtails are available for all connector options.


Fibre ribbons that are branched out in one end and fitted with connectors, enable ribbon-fiber splicing, minimise splice cost and increase packing density in network equipment.

Multifiber Cable Assemblies
Mulitfibre cable assemblies or fibre optic patch cables, for interconnect applications are preferred when a high number of interconnections and a high packing density is required. The cable assemblies are available with 4-48 fibres and are delivered pre-terminated in one or both ends. To facilitate installation and to maximise packing density, the multifiber cable assemblies use extraslim micro-cables, typically 6-8mm in diameter.

Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices

Fibre optic splitters or couplers provide division of optical power from one or two input ports into several output ports. Symmetric optical power splitters are used for fibre optic communication systems such as PON FTTx networks.

Fibre Optic Accessories

Typical accessories for fibre optic interconnect and splicing applications include ­various essential and optional products such as fibre optic adapters for Optical ­Distribution Frames (ODFs), splice sleeves and connector cleaners.

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