About Us

Hexatronic Australia is part of the Hexatronic Global Group. We are the Pacific’s most experienced solution provider of all Air Blown Fibre (ABF) ducting products and solutions.


We specialise in product and system solutions primarily within fibre communications. We offer a broad range of product and system solutions with a focus on infrastructure for passive fibre optics.  We provide customised fibre solutions by working closely with our customers to understand their needs and overlay our expertise and resources to meet the requirements.


Hexatronic offers a wide selection of system solutions and products for transport, metro, access and submarine networks. We strive to strengthen our position as the leading player in the work of connecting people to the global digital infrastructure, by continuous development of our system solutions and products.


Our system solutions consist of air-blown fibre systems and network systems with traditional fibre optic drop cables. Our air-blown fibre systems are especially developed for metro and access networks with the highest requirements when it comes to scalability, short installation time and performance.


The Groups headquarters are in Sweden with sales offices and subsidiaries in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Great Britain, the United States and New Zealand.


We are easy to do business with, and our customer team is always ready to help and guide.