Loose Tube, GRHLDV

TOL 401 2012


Loose tube cable with concentric core design, resulting in a cost-effective solution. The cable is gel filled for water blocking. Maximum capacity is 12 tubes with 4 to 12 fibers in each. 


Technical Information
Design: Loose tube 
Type: Outdoor, duct install 
Capacity: 4-144 fibers 
Fiber type: G652D 
Dimensions: Ø11.0-19.0 mm 
Lengths: 2000-8000 m 


E-nr Product No. Product Name Fibers
  TOL4012012/4A GRHLDV 4f G652D 1x4 (4f)
  TOL4012012/8A GRHLDV 8f G652D 2x4 (8f)
  TOL4012012/12A GRHLDV 12f G652D 3x4 (12f)
  TOL4012012/24A GRHLDV 24f G652D 6x4 (24f)
  TOL4012012/48A GRHLDV 48f G652D 6x8 (48f)
  TOL4012012/72A GRHLDV 72f G652D 6x12 (72f)
  TOL4012012/96A GRHLDV 96f G652D 8x12 (96f)
  TOL4012012/120A GRHLDV 120f G652D 10x12 (120f)
  TOL4012012/144A GRHLDV 144f G652D 12x12 (144f)

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