Wireless Infrastructure

Hexatronic provides fiber and power connectivity in sites for wireless infrastructure. Configured to meet your needs, hybrid solutions deliver all the fiber and power connectivity, including: hybrid trunk cable, cable assemblies and accessories.

For dedicated fiber extensions, chose our multifiber solution to secure easy upgrades of wireless sites. With our highly reliable and customizable products, you can maximize network uptime, lower total cost of ownership andsimplify expansion and upgrades of the network.

Hexatronic offers everything you need to meet your FTTA objectives for towers, rooftops and other support structures.

Wireless Infrastructure covers installation cables for various interconnect applications as well as cables for Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) systems. This section also includes components used for indoor and outdoor installations.

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Wireless Infrastructure Products 370X210px




Hci Rru Side

Hybrid Fiber/Power Cable Assemblies


Hci Fiber Jumper Rdc Lc

Fiber Optic Jumper Cables


Hci Rdc Clamp Kit
Accessories for Hybrid Fiber/Power Cable Assemblies


 Hci Ntm5041136

Fiber Feeder Cable Assemblies