How long has Hexatronic been manufacturing submarine cables?

Hexatronic has been manufacturing fiber optic submarine cables at our plant since the early 90’s. 
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What types of fibers does Hexatronic supply?

All submarine cables are supplied with any commercial available type of fiber, e.g. G652, G654, G655 & G651, or combinations thereof.
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Who supplies the fibers?

Hexatronic's fiber suppliers are leading world known fiber manufacturers. 
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Where is the cable manufactured?

Hexatronic manufacture and ship all cables from our own plant in Hudiksvall, Sweden. Our plant is located by the Baltic Sea coast.
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How many fibers can be provided in the submarine cables?

With Hexatronic's cables there is a maximum of 192 fibers.


Does Hexatronic manufacture cables for repeatered systems?

No, currently we only manufacture unrepeatered cables.


Can Hexatronic supply passive amplifiers, ROPA?

Yes, we can supply Hexatronic cables with ROPA.


Does Hexatronic have previous experience of deliveries of ROPA equipped cable systems?

Yes, we have delivered several projects with ROPA.


What is the maximum cable length Hexatronic manufactures?

Basically Hexatronic can manufacture unlimited cable lengths. In reality, though, there is a distance limitation, when testing the fibers, which limits the maximum cable segment length. For example, a ROPA equipped system can be measured and delivered in a continuous cable section length of more than 600 km.
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What is Hexatronic's storage capacity?

We have large storage and cable handling capacity at the factory premises that allows for storage and loading of several thousand km.


What is the minimum quantity for an order?

The minumum order quantity is 1 km.


Does Hexatronic use factory joints/splices?

Yes, when needed. Hexatronic use its own factory joint/splice in house and before the armoring operation.


What is Hexatronic's annual capacity in km?

Our armor capacity is 5000 km of submarine per year.


Does Hexatronic deliver cables worldwide?

Yes, we deliver our submarine cables to any commercial port in the world.


How does Hexatronic deliver the submarine cables?

Hexatronic can deliver the submarine cables in traditional coils on ships, cable baskets, open-top containers and steel or wooden drums, depending on the customer requirements.
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What types of armoring does Hexatronic provide?

We manufacture different types of single, double and rock armored cables, i.e. SA, DA and RA.
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