Power and Fiber InOne Systems

Air Blown Power and Fiber System 

The Hexatronic InOne System is an end to end system that can provide both Power and Fiber to devices over several kilometers. The solution is ideal for locations where local power is not available or when the available power is either not reliable or controlled by others. 


InOne Benefits

The InOne System has many benefits that vary from one project to another. Below is the list of major benefits:

  1. Saving: 50% to 70% savings on the total Turn-Key project cost
  2. Speed: Faster implementation by blowing InOne cables in Microducts
  3. Security: Secure your devices by providing your own power along with the Fiber
  4. Redundancy: Close the network rings to create redundancy
  5. Flexibility: Support all network topologies


The InOne System

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The InOne system uses a unique low voltage transmission system to safely transmit high power over long distances through extremely slim air blown hybrid cables. 


InOne Distance limits & Design Concept

The distance limit depends on various factors, such as the Power Budget, the network topology, the distances, the load of the devices, the loses in the network, and the type of cable. The InOne Design Tool considers all these aspects and provides reliable design and BoM

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1. PoE Devices: The In-One can be used for devices that are connected over PoE. The InOne Cabinet can be equipped with industrial switches that support up to PoE++, or Media Convertors with PoE. Such devices include but are not limited to:

  • CCTV camera
  • Thermal Sensors
  • IoT sensors or actuators
  • Radio Base-Stations
  • Public Wi-Fi access points

2. Devices with Direct Fiber: Some devices can have direct fiber connection and DC Power. Such devices are but not limited to.

  • Direct Fiber devices as Fiber Cameras
  • RFoF  (Radio Frequency Over Fiber)
  • DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)


The InOne Network Topologies: The InOne follow your own design of network topology 

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The InOne System Components

1. The InOne Cable:  Air-blown ultra slim Hybrid Power/Fiber Cables. Cable lengths can be up to 2000m that can be spliced for longer distances.

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2. The Hexatronic Ducts: The InOne utilizes Hexatronic’s wide variety of ducts and duct assemblies for different type of installations. The InOne cable can also be installed in existing ducts.

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3. The InOne Access Cabinet:  The InOne Cabinet has different variations. Outdoor or Indoor, with or without a Managed Switch, or with Media Convertor. Switches can be 4 or 8 ports, PoE, PoE+, or PoE++, and Media Convertors can be 1 or 2 PoE ports.

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4. The InOne Access Node: The access node can be inside the Data Center or in a street cabinet. It consists of a power rectifier and the hybrid ODF that combines the Fiber source and the power to feed the InOne Cable


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