Fiber Transport Network

Connecting people, cities and countries through high speed communication channels become more and more important in the world we are living in today. Depending on different type of terrain there are a number of solutions available. Hexatronic can offer complete solutions covering the needs of fiber transport networks. 

Fiber transport network installations demand high quality products capable to stand both harsh weather conditions and rough terrain. Hexatronic´s fiber transport network solutions includes cables for duct-, direct buried- and aerial installations together with joint closures and accessories.


Fiber Transport Network Solutions


Easy to install
Thanks to the design and construction of the cables with reinforcement depending on type, the cables can be direct installed together with i.e power lines and without any additional reinforcements. 


Reliable with high quality
Due to realibility and high quality of the components, installation costs can be kept at a low level. The fiber transport system can easily be expanded when connecting more communities to the network.