Fiber Access MATRIX

The Ultimate System for FTTH Installations

We are now taking our offering a step further with the Fiber Access MATRIX – a complete system of products and solutions for FTTH installation. The system consist of products, carefully selected for their good installation characteristics and a high quality that guarantees a long performance life.The Fiber Access MATRIX system is designed and developed to ensure lowest total cost of ownership, highest capacity and best possible scalability and flexibility.


The system includes products for aerial, ground, underwater and indoor installation.

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The Fiber Access MATRIX consists of three subsystems:

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The Central Office MATRIX consists of solutions for handling large amounts of fiber terminations in a cost efficient and highly organized way. Read more 

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The Feeder and Distribution MATRIX system offers robust solutions with high performance and reliability which connect from the central office and distribute to the drop network. Read more

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The Drop and Premises MATRIX is a robust system proven on a large scale world wide. It consists of several innovative solutions such as a low-cost aerial drop system, miniature termination boxes and FTTH demarcation points. Read more

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The MATRIX system offers all you need for a complete network installation

Digitalization is occurring at a rapid pace and the need for fast and reliable connections around the world is huge. Hexatronic constantly develops and refines systems and products to simplify and streamline the installation of networks worldwide. Hexatronic’s ambition with the Fiber Access MATRIX is to simplify the choice of products, by designing them to fit together as one complete system. This contributes to quick and effective installations, meaning that our customers have a strong competitive edge with their chosen products and technologies. 


FTTH Networks – A Long Term Investment

The fiber networks being installed around the world form the basis for the function of digital communication. Their importance and usage is constantly increasing. The social change that digitalization brings is progressing and the important role it plays in our society’s infrastructure will only continue to grow. Building fiber networks often involves large and expensive projects that need to be built quickly with no room for errors or issues which reduce the quality of the network. It is with this background that we have developed the Fiber Access MATRIX. We understand the importance of being able to offer a system based on innovative and high quality products, where all components fit with each other and reduce planning and installation time or the risk of future problems. 



Read more in the Fiber Access MATRIX  Brochure

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