Feeder & Distribution MATRIX

The Feeder & Distribution MATRIX offers a whole range of solutions to form the foundation of a robust fiber access network, ensuring a reliable connection from the central office through to the drop network.

The unique feature with the Fiber Access MATRIX system is that all parts of the system are designed to fit together, so passive fiber optic devices for deploying the feeder network to the Fiber Distribution Hubs, the FDH units and products for distributing fiber to the drop network all fit perfectly with each other, as one system.

Hexatronic’s micro cables offer unique performance in the feeder and distribution network, which combines lowest total cost of ownership with high reliability.


A Selection of Fiber Distribution Hubs with Easy Access: 


Banner 800Px Feeder And Distribution03



Banner 800Px Feeder And Distribution02

Banner 800Px Feeder And Distribution 

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