Fiber Feeder Cable Assemblies


Hci Ntm5041136

Ground Installation

Aerial Installation


The fiber feeder cable assembly is based on a thin, but robust micro cable, pre-terminated in a outdoor rated and highly UV resistant termination box. The assembly is used for Fiber To The Antenna applications (FTTA), more specifically for fiber optic interconnections between Radio Remote Units (RRU) and Radio Base Stations (RBS).

Fiber jumpers for connection between Termination box and RRU are available, FTTA Jumper 2f LC-duplex.


Technical Information
Design: Fiber cable assembly with termination box
Type: Pole and tower mounting for RRU, IP54
Capacity: 24 fibers 
Fiber type: G657A2, bend-resistant
Dimensions: Box: 300x240x110, Cable Ø5.7 mm
Lengths: On request, typically 25-250 meter

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  NTM5041136/25M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 25m
  NTM5041136/50M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 50m
  NTM5041136/65M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 65m
  NTM5041136/80M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 80m
  NTM5041136/95M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 95m
  NTM5041136/130M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 130m
  NTM5041136/200M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 200m
  NTM5041136/250M FTTA Feeder 24f LC, 250m
  HRPM2533512/2000 FTTA Jumper 2f LC-duplex, 2m
  HRPM2533512/3000 FTTA Jumper 2f LC-duplex, 3m
  HRPM2533512/5000 FTTA Jumper 2f LC-duplex, 5m

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