Fiber Joint Closure - High Capacity

NCD 507 550, NSD 515 201, NDM 110 16 – NDM 110 18

NCD507550 1

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

This compact, high capacity joint closure handles up to 576 fiber splices. The closure is designed for outdoor underground installation in manholes but can also be mounted above ground on poles or inside pedestals. The closure can handle air-blown fibers in microducts, micro cables and traditional cable. The closure is delivered with heat shrink sealings for traditional cables. For installation of micro cables and microducts, use the optional cold seals.


Technical Information
Design: Fiber joint closure, dome
Type: Plastic, IP68
Dimensions: 520x280 mm
Capacity: up to 576 splices

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5060283 NCD507550 Fiber Joint Closure 576
  NSD515201 Swing-up arm for NCD507500/550
  NDM11016/1 10x Round Micro cable cable entrance, for up to 6 micro cables
  NDM11017/1 5x Oval Micro cable entrance kit, for up to 11 micro cables
  NDM11018/1 10x Round Microduct entrance kit, for up to 18x5 mm microducts

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