Fiber Distribution Hub, Indoor


FDH 64 Open 1NBD116200

Feeder & Distribution

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Indoor Installation

The indoor FDH, for up to 64 end-users, is designed to handle fiber optic terminations and passive optical splitters in PON FTTx networks but can also be used for Point to Point (P2P) applications or combinations of the both. The FDH can handle air-blown fiber in microducts, micro cables as well as drop cables and other fiber optic cables. It can also be used as a medium sized fiber optic splice box for various applications. The closure handles both 5 mm and 7 mm micro­ducts. 3 mm microducts can be installed using the optional accessory.


Technical Information
Design: Fiber Distribution Hub for indoor use
Type: Plastic, wall mount, IP54
Dimensions: 500x76x182 mm
Capacity: up to 64 end users (SC)

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  1/NBD116200/1 FDH cabinet basic, empty
  1/NBD116200/2 FDH cabinet prepared 64 + 8 SC/APC
  1/NBD116200/3 FDH cabinet prepared 64 + 8 SC
  1/NBD116200/4 FDH cabinet prepared 64 + 8 LC/APC
  1/NBD116200/5 FDH cabinet prepared 64 + 8 LC
  SXA1139517/1 3mm duct organizer for FDH 64, for 96 microducts

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