Fiber Termination Box

NEG 203 200

Hci 5 Neg203200

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Indoor Installation

The fiber termination box (FTB) is designed for termination of fibers outside premises in FTTx applications. The box terminates and protects fiber or duct connections for the final drop cabling. It can also be used as a multi-­purpose outdoor fiber optic wall outlet. The box is suitable for both air blown fiber installations and drop cables.


Technical Information
Design: Fiber termination box for indoor or outdoor use
Type: Polycarbonate, wall mount, IP 54
Dimensions: 190x130x45 mm
Capacity: 4xSC

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5060064 5/NEG203200 Fiber Termination Box, Indoor/Outdoor

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