Fiber Splicing Cabinet - FAT, for Aerial Installations

NCD 507 200 00, NBL 504 506

Hci Ncd5072000

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Aerial Installation

This Fiber Access Terminal (FAT) is designed for splicing of air blown fibers and micro cables in aerial installations. The FAT consists of a well ventilated outer protective cabinet and an inner cable management section with splice trays. Cables are held in place with dynamic strain reliefs that allow natural cable movement present in aerial air blown installations. Duct holders secure the mounting of microducts for air blown fiber installations.


Technical Information
Design: Splicing cabinet for outdoor use
Type: Sheet steel, pole mounting, IP54
Dimensions: 650x340x170 mm 
Capacity: 64 microducts, 144 splices 


Product No.

Product Name



Fiber Access Terminal for Aerial Applications



Splice trays, pack of two

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