Fiber Access Terminal, Indoor or Outdoor

NCD 507 200+, SXA 113 9518

NCD 507200

Feeder & Distribution

Drop & Premises

Ground Installation

Indoor Installation

FATs for indoor or outdoor applications with up to 24 end-user connections. It can handle air-blown fiber in microducts, micro cables as well as drop cables and other fiber optic cables. It can also be used as a fiber optic splice box for various applications. The closure handles both 5 mm and 7 mm microducts. 3 mm microducts can be installed using the optional accessory.


Technical Information
Design: Splicing cabinet for indoor or outdoor use
Type: Plastic, wall or pole mount, IP 54 (Indoor), IP56 (Outdoor)
Dimensions: 368x275x114 mm
Capacity: 24 microducts/Splices/Connectors (SC) 

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5060060 1/NCD507200/1 FAT 24 Indoor excluding adapters
  1/NCD507200/2 FAT 24 Indoor with 24 SC/APC adapters
5060062 2/NCD507200/1 FAT 24 Outdoor excluding adapters
  2/NCD507200/2 FAT 24 Outdoor with 24 SC/APC adapters
5040585 SXA1139518/1 3mm duct organizer for FAT 24, for 24 microducts

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