Splitter Frames

NBA 301 04, NBA 301 05


Central Office

Indoor Installation

The splitter frames are designed for compact mounting of the RDJ 901 series of splitter modules. The most common use is for central office applications or larger distributed PON sites. There are two frame heights available.


Technical Information
Design: Splitter frame
Type: 19” mount, (04) Splitter frame 1U for up to 9 Splitter modules, (05) Splitter frame 4U for up to 35 splitter modules
Capacity: 1U, up to 9 modules, 4U, up to 35 modules

Product Sheet

NBA30104 Splitter Frames

E-nr Product No. Product Name
  NBA30104 Splitter Frame 1U (9 positions)
  NBA30105 Splitter Frame 4U (35 positions)

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