Splitters and Other Passive Optical Devices

Fiber optic splitters or couplers provide division of optical power from one or two input ports into several output ports. Symmetric optical power splitters are used for fiber optic communication systems such as PON FTTx networks.


Splitter Modules


Splitters to be used for splitter frames in central office applications or in various fiber distribution hubs for outside plant use. The splitters are pre-terminated with protected fanouts and with fitted connectors. 


Technical Information 
Design: Splitter modules
Type: PLC splitter in plastic cartridge, G657A
Dimensions: Long tail: 900/1500 mm, short tail: 180/730 mm
Capacity: 1x2 to 2x64 SC, SC/APC, LC, LC/APC


Fiber Optic Splitter Shelf

NCD 520 002+, NCD 520 004+

Splitter shelf for 19” rack mounting with pre-installed fiber optic splitters. The shelves are available in different configurations with split ratios of 1x2 to 1x64. The standard connector option is SC/APC.


Technical Information
Design: Splitter shelf
Type: 19” mount, 1U, PLC
Dimensions: 410x195x44 mm
Capacity: 1x2 to 2x64 SC/APC

Splitter Frames

NBA 301 04, NBA 301 05

The splitter frames are designed for compact mounting of the RDJ 901 series of splitter modules. The most common use is for central office applications or larger distributed PON sites. There are two frame heights available.


Technical Information
Design: Splitter frame
Type: 19” mount, (04) Splitter frame 1U for up to 9 Splitter modules, (05) Splitter frame 4U for up to 35 splitter modules
Capacity: 1U, up to 9 modules, 4U, up to 35 modules

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