ODF Patch Panels

NCD 520 5000+


Central Office

This is a multi-purpose patch panel system when no or limited access from the rear of the rack is allowed. The panel offers total front access for both incoming and outgoing cables. The light-weight panel is divided in a left and right swiveling section. It is designed for pre-connected in­coming cable assemblies.

Technical Information
Design: ODF, for patching
Type: 19”, 1U
Size: 485x200x43 mm
Capacity: 6 basic versions with 48 or 32 SC adapters


E-nr Product No. Product Name
5055431 NCD5205000/1 ODF box1U with 48 SC-simplex adapters (included)
5055432 NCD5205000/2 ODF box1U with 16 SC-duplex adapters (for 32 connnectors, included)
5055433 NCD5205000/3 ODF box1U with 48 SC/APC-simplex adapters (included)
5055434 1NCD5205000/4 ODF box1U with 16 SC/APC-duplex adapters (for 32 connnectors, included)
  NCD5205000/10 ODF box 1U with 48 slots for SC-simplex
5055436 NCD5205000/20 ODF box 1U with 16 slots for SC-duplex

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