ODF for Cable Installation, 1.5U

NCD5130+, NTM50383, NTM504036

ODF 15U NCD513

Central Office

ODF with a capacity of up to 48/96 ­con­nectors. Optional accessories include horizontal patch cord guides for rack mounting directly under the ODF, pigtails, fanouts, adapters, splice sleeves etc. Cable guide is ordered separately.


Technical Information
Design: ODF, for cable installation
Type: 19” or ETSI mount, 1,5U
Size: 440x247x66 mm
Capacity: 24-48 SC, SC/APC, LC, LC/APC, FC or ST

E-nr Product No. Product Name
5010025 NCD5130303 ODF box 1,5U with 24 slots for FC or ST (24 fiber)
5010022 NCD5130211 ODF box 1,5U with 12 SC duplex cut out (24 fiber)
5010023 NCD5130213 ODF box 1,5U with 24 SC duplex cut out (48 fiber)
  NCD5130213/96LC ODF box 1,5U with 24 LC quadruplex cut out (96 fiber)
5084196 NTM50383 Installation kit for one ODF
5055408 NTM504036 Horizontal cable guide, 1U, High Capacity
5084196 02/NCD513 Horizontal cable guide, 0.5U

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