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Fiber optic adapters for ODFs and termination units, all of premium grade to fit any kind of application. Simplex, duplex and quadruplex ­connector options. Adapters with shutters provide a safe mechanism for protecting laser radiation from harming eyes.


Technical Information
Design: Fiber optic connector adapters

E-nr Product No. Product Name 
5064014 RNT99210/12 Adapter SC simplex, flange, Blue
5040286 RNT99211/12 Adapter SC duplex, flange, Blue
5063104 RNT99211/13 Adapter SC duplex, no flange, Blue
5063105 RNT99211/23 Adapter SC duplex, no flange, Green
5064015 RNT99210/22 Adapter SC/APC simplex, flange, Green
5040287 RNT99211/22 Adapter SC/APC duplex, flange, Green
5040288 RNT99215/11 Adapter SC duplex, flange, Beige
5064024 RNT99210/13 Adapter SC simplex, no flange, Blue
5064025 RNT99210/23 Adapter SC/APC simplex, no flange, Green
5064026 RNT99210/14 Adapter SC simplex, with shutter, no flange,
5064027 RNT99210/24 Adapter SC/APC simplex, with shutter, no flange,
5064019 RNT99222/13 Adapter LC/APC duplex, no flange, Green,
(SC-simplex cut-out)
5063106 RNT99222/15 Adapter LC quadruplex, no flange, Blue,
(SC-duplex cut-out)
5063107 RNT99222/16 Adapter LC/APC quadruplex, no flange, Green,
(SC-duplex cut-out)
5064012 RNT99222/2 Adapter LC duplex, no flange, Blue, (SC-simplex
5075692 RNT99222/4 Adapter LC duplex (Square Profile), Blue
5064013 RNT99222/5 Adapter LC quadruplex, flange, Blue, (SC-duplex
5064021 RNT99222/9 Adapter LC/APC quadruplex, flange, Green
(SC-duplex cut-out)
5064022 RNT99222/14 Adapter LC duplex, with shutter, no flange
(SC-simplex cut-out)
5064023 RNT99222/12 Adapter LC/APC duplex, with shutter, no flange
(SC-simplex cut-out)
  RNT99220/2 Adapter MU duplex, Brown, (SC-simplex cut-out)
  RNT99290/1 Adapter ST
5064063 RNT99201/1 Adapter FC (D-shape cut-out)
5064064 RNT99201/2 Adapter FC/APC (D-shape cut-out)

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